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How Does Intermittent Fasting Work?

How Does Intermittent Fasting Work?

Intermittent fasting is having designated fasting and eating windows. Various approaches can be chosen. This is especially based on your preferences and abilities. You are reading the right article if you want to know more about intermittent fasting. So read on!

An Overview of Intermittent Fasting

To put it in the simplest form, intermittent fasting is having a defined period for eating foods and fasting. This means that you do not just eat whenever (and even however) you choose. You have to adhere to the eating and fasting window chosen.

For most people, intermittent fasting is about proper weight management. This is because it can help boost body metabolism to increase your chances of weight loss. It even works similarly to a keto diet. This is because deliberate abstinence from food during the fasting window will push the body to burn fat – ketosis.

This is against the usual practice of fueling the body by burning carbs. In the process, one of the health benefits will be reducing extra weight or fat in the body. How successful your intermittent fast will be at this will be determined by a couple of things and they include:

  • The intermittent fasting approach that you choose – the method you apply determines how it will work and the levels of weight or fat loss success achievable
  • Your consistency
  • Your body’s default metabolism

Just as the first on the list has pointed out, there are various approaches to intermittent fasting. The right thing to do would be to choose an intermittent fast approach that suits you best. This is in terms of achieving your weight loss goals. This is also in terms of achieving your weight or fat loss plan in a manner that will not pose any harm to your health.

Various Kinds of Intermittent Fasting

Just so we are clear, there are alternate intermittent fasting methods. we cannot identify every method here. You may even find out (especially from studies) how some people even come up with pretty new custom approaches. But some of the known approaches include:

16 Ratio 8-Hour Approach

Some intermittent fast approaches would require that you stay without food for almost a day or a little more than that. This option is not that way. Rather, you deal with hours. The fast is for 16 hours and the window that allows you to eat is for 8 hours.

Warrior Diet

The warrior diet is not just about when you eat and when you fast. Beyond that, it is more definite about what you eat during the window for eating. For a time, you would be allowed large meals. For another time, it would just be light options like fruits and vegetables. For example, watermelon has very little amount of calories and might be considered for this reason.

5 Ratio 2-Hour Fast

There are 7 days in every week. The idea of this approach is to set aside 2 days for fasting. The other 5 days are your eating window. There are even versions that allow you to eat during these fasting days. However, the number of calories consumed during the two days would be significantly low.

Some people have a 600 calories benchmark. It is about eating a meal with low-calorie every when the need to eat arises. So, it is not just restricted access to foods. For those questioning the basis for eating in the first place, keeping energy levels high is one of the reasons.

On a Final Note

Other than what has been pointed out in this study, you should know that there are many ways intermittent fasting does help. There are enormous benefits involved. Cell rejuvenation; insulin, sugar, and blood pressure regulation; improved brain health, and quick fat or weight loss results; are just a bit of the long list of benefits.

So, you can make do with it as intermittent fasting offers so many positive effects. This is especially for men and women that want to lose body weight.

But you need to be healthy enough to engage in intermittent fasting. Those with certain medical conditions, pregnant women, and breastfeeding women are not supposed to engage in intermittent fasting. You can see the Stop Medical Distancing nutrition page for related information.

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