Stop Medical Distancing

It’s time to start talking to your doctor again

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Staying six feet away from others may be essential to maintaining your health. But, your doctor is not someone you should be avoiding. In fact, a good way to stay healthy is to stay in touch with your care providers.

So, don’t delay any longer. It’s time to call your doctor. Together, you can determine if telemedicine will work for you, or if an in-person appointment is appropriate. Be sure to follow guidance from local officials, as regulations across the country vary.

And remember that additional screening procedures have been implemented, appointment times are being staggered, and enhanced cleaning is being done for the safety of patients and staff everywhere.

Once you have an appointment, follow what your doctor recommends for your case.

Image showing you should stay six feet away from others in public
Image showing it is essential to your health to not avoid your doctor

Seeking care is safe and telemedicine is available

See the steps providers have taken to keep us all safe when you visit.

United to Care

An alliance of healthcare experts have one important message
– to seek the care you need without delay.