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How Soon Can a Doctor Detect Pregnancy by Pelvic Exam?

How Soon Can a Doctor Detect Pregnancy by Pelvic Exam?

It would take a short while after the conception of the baby (fetus) for a pelvic exam to reveal or confirm pregnancy. This is because certain internal body changes have to be full-fledged or different enough. On a whole, a visit to the doctor six weeks succeeding conception is usually enough time to detect pregnancy through pelvic examination. It could even be a week less or more for some women.

Pregnant Women Are Unique

In answering the question of how soon a doctor can detect pregnancy by pelvic exams, some things need to be first known. One such is that women are unique and this is why we cannot put a defined time. The best that can be done is to use a time frame. This is also why pregnancy-associated weight gain and faster metabolism do not happen at the same time for pregnant women.

It is because the internal body parts such as the uterus and cervix are some of the things observed. Changes to parts like the uterus and cervix happen very quickly in some women and a lot later in others. But on a whole, six weeks is usually enough time to detect pregnancy by pelvic examination. This also depends on the doctor or gynecologist’s experience and level of expertise in doing such screening and tests.

Is a Pelvic Exam the Best Option for Detecting Pregnancy?

Way before your obvious female weight gain and other symptoms, a pelvic exam are high on the list of the best ways to know if you are pregnant. But to also set the record straight, there are better ways to detect pregnancy. This is because the results of such testing will be more accurate. It is also because such tests can help women find out if they are pregnant very early.

An ultrasound and a couple of special blood tests are better ways to detect pregnancy. This is also because they reveal the pregnant state on time and with more guarantees.

How Does a Doctor or Gynecologist Detect Pregnancy by Pelvic Exam?

How Does a Doctor or Gynecologist Detect Pregnancy by Pelvic Exam?

There are two notable parts of conducting a pelvic exam by a doctor or gynecologist. In no particular order, one involves a physical examination of the interior of the vaginal cavity.

This would allow the doctor to observe abnormal changes that suggest the woman is pregnant. As mentioned above, the uterus and areas around it like the cervix are critically examined for this purpose. Abdominal changes, changes in the normal position of both, internal position, and the forming of the mucous plug can reveal a lot.

Taking out sufficient samples of Pap smear is the other side of the pelvic exam. The Pap smear sample is taken from the interior parts of the vagina for some examination. As far as Pap smear cross-examination is concerned, it also plays a crucial role in knowing if examined women have sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

For example, women can find out if they have been infected with HPV. Beyond that, it is also possible to know if a woman has cervical cancer by cross-examining the Pap smear (taken out of the vagina cavity.

Should You Be Worried About Your Pelvic Exam?

For the most part, there is nothing to be worried about as the medical examination holds very little or no risk. This is as long as the screening is done by a professional and in a good health care facility or clinic. Here are some tips to ensure the process is as smooth as it can be:

  • Ensuring that you are not pressed before the test – So, pass out urine before the pelvic exam
  • Take deep breaths and do it slowly – Feel at ease and that includes wearing comfortable clothing
  • Tell your doctor how you feel as the procedure is carried out

You would be fine by adhering to these tips. This also means that you will not feel any form of pain or discomfort.

On a Final Note

A pelvic exam is high on the list of the best ways to know if a woman is pregnant as mentioned above. But even at that, there are better ways to go about detecting pregnancy. Knowing your pregnancy state early is the right thing. It helps you make the right prenatal decisions on time. You can see the Stop Medical Distancing sexuality page for related information.

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